CPS just took my child, now what?

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Stop Talking.

Much like when the police put on the handcuffs, there is nothing you can say to stop what is going to happen.  If you argue, yell, scream, or threaten CPS, IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU.

Get a lawyer - IMMEDIATELY.

After hours, weekends, holidays, you ahve no time to lose in getting legal representation.  Find a CPS lawyer, pay him, sign a contract.

CPS Adversary Hearings - the clock is ticking.

The initial CPS hearing regarding whether you will keep your children in your home or if they will be removed for up to a year or more MUST be held in 14 days.  So that is all the time you ahve to attempt to get ready.

Dealt a bad hand.

Sometimes even the best lawyer can do nothing but hold your hand through the adversary and place you in the best position to get your children back as soon as possible.   The Courts and CPS are not on your side.  Only you, your family, and your lawyer are on your side.

Get ahead of the game

An experienced CPS lawyer can tell you almost exactly what CPS is going to want you to do.  Get started now, before your hearing and before CPS orders you to.

Keep working

If you keep working every week doing what your lawyer and CPS ask of you, you will maximize your chances of getting your children back as soon as legally possible.  

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