Texas Department of Children Protective Services - CPS

Why you need an experienced CPS lawyer.

Once CPS is involved logic and truth do not necessarily win out.  Someone has to be your advocate.  Someone has to take your case to the Judge and to CPS.  CPS is not on your side.  They are supposed to be one the side of the child or children in the case.  The problem is that without a lawyer expereinced in CPS cases advocating for you, CPS and the State of Texas will be able to run over you just like in any other case.

If you were charged with a criminal case, you would get a lawyer.  CPS cases are more serious than a criminal case because within one year, your right to even have contact with your own child can be taken away.  Children Protective Services have their own way of doing things and sometime that way is not logical or intellectually honest to those not familiar with the CPS system.

Every CPS Court in every CPS County is different.  Montgomery County is unique in the way the Judge rules and directs his Court.  Just because you know someone that had a CPS case in another county does not mean they know how to prepare you or advise you for Montgomery County East Texas Cluster Court in Conroe. 

Out of County lawyers who practice CPS law will not necessarily know how to deal with the CPS Court in Montgomery County, in fact, some do not even know how to find it in the Courthouse.

CPS cases are expensive.  If you can not afford to make payments of at least $5,000, you probably can not get the most experienced representation.  In every case there is an Adversary Hearing, Family Group Conference, Status Hearing, Multiple Permanency Hearings, Fifth Month Conferences, Service Plans, Discovery, Mediation (sometimes), and a Final Trial (possible jury trial).  Each of these items takes hours of time and potentially fatal legal mistakes can be made at each one.

If you have a case in Montgomery County, call and get a free consultation at the Steinmann Law Firm, Counsel and Services (steinmannlaw.com).  We have over 20 years in dealing with CPS cases and are conveniently located directly across the street from Montgomery County CPS offices.  After hours and weekend appointments are available. 

Emergency contact - CPS is at the door - 936-537-5585. Bert Steinmann