Status Hearings / Service Plans

Additional Information

Status Hearings are set after the Family Group Conference has been completed and the Service Plan has been created.  The Status Hearings primary purpose is for the Judge to approve the Service plan.  Returning children or errors in the Adversary are not address here.  Attempts to interrupt the proceeding with extraneous issues just frames you as a trouble maker in the eyes of the Court and the CPS staff.

Service Plans are required to be created by the Texas Family Code in order to address the reasons the child came into care.  The premise is that after the plan has been completed, the child should be safe to return home with the parent.

The lesson to be learned here is do everything you are asked as soon as humanly possible.  If you are not working, you should be able to complete classes and appointments weekly.  Don't miss anything.  Not one single drug test.  People have lost their children for as little as one missed drug test because it can legally be counted as a positive.

A good attorney can help you keep up with all the twist and turns that can come from the service plan.  Waiting till the end of the case to address the fact that this or that was missed or mis-scheduled will almost always be used against you, not the department.

Get the service plan done and start asking for the children to be returned as soon as possible.


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